Academic research from our team

Academic research from our employees
Supporting and conducting academic research is highly valued at Celtic WebMerchant. Several employees have an academic background and have conducted research on a variety of topics with an (art)historical theme.

Re-enactment / living history also forms the perfect environment to test historical theories by means of experimental archeology. In experimental archeology, you make your own historical objects, or simulate situations that are debated in science. By doing it yourself, the re-enactor tests more than someone that only uses books as his source. Our re-enactment group Celtic Britain has researched food and grain in medieval Ireland by trying recipes from ancient Irish law, and bake and compare various types of bread described in the laws.

Our employees have research the following topics, amongst others:

15th century books of hours from the Low Countries

Mozarabic manuscripts

The armours of Musée de l'Armée

Armour and weaponry in 14th century haggadot

Orcain catrach Mail Milscothaig, edition and (partial) translation of Airec Menmain Uraird Maic Coisse

The Brat: a Gaelic concept

Armour and weaponry in Quattrocento Italian paintings

Sex and marriages in medieval Irish and Welsh literature

The 'Golden Haggadah' from 14th century Catalonia

Harrison Miscellany manuscript

Spears in medieval Ireland

The Silos Beatus

Hunting scenes in religious Asjcenazic manuscripts from the 13th and 14th centuries

The 17th century Amsterdam Rasphuis (a penitentiary facility)

The virgin sculpture of Jeanne d'Evreux

Jan van Eyck and the art canon

The archeology of medieval London

Ways of approaching translations of historical texts


Some of our own product designs:

Milanese cabasset Musée de l'armée



This is a replica of a luxury cabasset made in Milan around 1580. The original is in the collection of Musée de l'Armée, Paris, inventory number H 224 . The cabasset was commissioned by a private individual.


Irish winged spear head



Following our research to spears in medieval Ireland, we designed this reproduction of an original from the 9th-11th century. It is possible this type of spear was called the sleg coicrind, a 'five pointed spear'.



Various Viking swords



Maltese foot guard & cavalry armours



We designed two suits of armour for the Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, the Maltese heritage trust. These armours are reproductions from originals used in the Great siege in Malta and are fully functional.