Created with passion for history

We founded Celtic Britain in 2006 for historical research to the Celtic culture on the British Isles. Most of our employees also have a deep passion for, or even their ancestry from, the Celtic culture. We still do research, but in more diverse historical periods and with different specialisations.

We founded Celtic WebMerchant in 2008. A shop with the purpose of making objects from European history accessible without obstructions. We offer an assortment as diverse as possible, enabling you to choose between a large variety of items, made by various craftsmen and producers. In this way, we form a unique platform for European history around the world.




Why The Netherlands?
From the 17th century onwards, the Dutch people built a worldwide reputation as stable, reliable business partners, that love good food and sunny weather (which it almost never is), but don't like unreliabilities that can impede trade. This means The Netherlands have a great infrastructure, many airports and large ports. Even the government policy is set on cyber security, trade and international trade. That is why we have chosen to locate our most important warehouse in the Rotterdam area.