Our team

Patrick, product specialist, Mr. Boss, marketeer and packer

For the future: More languages? A broader assortment? Maybe even shipping via drone? Patrick's passion is to develop strategies and take course to achieve them.

Favourite periods: Classical antiquity, La Tène period & early Middle Ages


Judith, customer service, IT puzzler, Legal and accountancy

Meanwhile, our small business is registered in seven different countries, and we have a very advanced logistics network. With thanks to Judith.

Favourite periods: Early medieval Ireland


Nienke, customer service, logistics and she also packs orders

Nienke likes everything! From the time of order, to the time of receipt. Nienke neatly directs all parcels throughout the world.  

Favourite periods: 9th-13th century Andalusia, French gothic style, the American west 1850-1890


Gerrie, packaging engineer

Shipping a halberd in a neat parcel is an enormous challenge. Fortunately, Gerrie has faced tougher challenges in packing, with 10 years of experience.

Favourite periods: Tudor era, 100 years war.

Wim, photographer, designer

For years, Wim focuses on presenting our beautiful products on the best way possible. In our shop, you can clearly see what you buy. With thanks to Wim!

Favourite periods: Interbellum, La Tène period, medieval Scotland


Henrik the House Armour, model

Henrik enjoys drinking Ballistol. This keeps his joints young and supple.

Favourite periods: The 16th century of course!


Technologically innovative
We manage and ship an assortment counting 15.000 different items, with a small team only. We can only do this with a lot of help from our digital friends. Celtic WebMerchant continuously builds new programs and systems, that transfers routine human work to computers. This makes you save money, and relieves our work.

We make use of a highly advanced logistics network, to which multiples warehouse in different European countries are connected. This saves us excessive stock levels and costs for storage space, and saves you money. Our systems calculate on which date you will receive your parcel, and what shipping methods are cheapest and fastest. Our systems also know their way around customs clearance for countries outside the EU.
Advanced planning software is also used for packing your items. This helps a packer to ship a lot more parcels per day than previously.