Alfred the Great (871-891). Five coin set

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Alfred the Great (871-891). Five coin set

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The Anglo-Saxon king Alfred the Great is known for his protection of South England against the constant raids of the Danish Vikings. He was the first king of the Kingdom of Wessex. His life is described by the 10th century bishop />
Alfred installed a permanent maritime power in his coastal areas; it did not only protect the harbours from Vikings but the surrounding coasts as well. Alfred led several wars against the Danish, who owned a large part of North-East England: the Danelaw. His wars with the Danish Vikings had mixed results: neither of the two parties seemed able to give the last blow. In the end, after the war with the Danish in 884 AD, treaties were signed with the Danish in order to let the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings live as neighbors in relative peace.

This coin set consists of different type pennies: 1. Gloucester, 2. Bisshop Ethered, 3. London, 4. Oxhord and 5. Bishop Piegmund. These coins are made of pewter.

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Diameter: 1.6 cm;
Material: tin (lead-free);
Based on a historic original: yes;
Transport weight (grams): 100 *
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