Send us your best re-enactment, Living History or LARP picture(s) and earn 10 extra Loyalty Points per photo!

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Dear friend,
Send us your best re-enactment, Living History or LARP picture(s). Show the world we are one big community and earn 10 extra Loyalty Points per photo!

You have probably already seen it: on CelticWebMerchant you can find a photo album with pictures of re-enactors, artists and LARP-ers from all over the world. Now, we would like to invite you as well to share your passion with your brothers and sisters in arms. We would love seeing your historical or LARP representation and make it inspire other friends, globally.

How it works
Please make sure your pictures are in medium to high resolution jpg.

What kind of pictures?
Anything you would love to show us on the field of … Archaeology – Historical collections
– History –LARP – living history – re-enactment. 

Send us the following descriptions:
Title (for example) 14th century soldier
Description (if you wish) 14th century soldier preparing food in his encampment
Your name (if you wish)
Your country

Sending a picture is easy and fast. 
Send a max. of five pictures to [email protected] or via Wetransfer. You will receive a message when the Loyalty points are added to your account, and when the picture(s) are placed in our
photo album.

Loyalty Points
If you do not have an account yet, we can immediately activate one for you. The Loyalty Points you earned with earlier orders can be added to your account. With Loyalty Points you always save for discounts on future orders ;-)

Important to know
Upon submitting your picture(s) you grant CelticWebMerchant permission to place your picture(s) on the blog of CelticWebMerchant.com and CelticWebMerchant.co.uk. Your name shall not be mentioned unless you state you wish so. Please note: upon submitting your picture(s) you declare that you have the copyright of the footage and that there are no third parties involved. Upon request, the picture can always be removed again. The picture(s) will not be used for any commercial purposes.