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Leonardo Carbone Blouse Fleur red

Brand: Leonardo Carbone
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Product description

This blouse is made of cotton and the sleeves and neck are lined with lace. The neckline can be closed with two cords. The blouse is available in the sizes S up to XXXL.
Washing: 30 degrees.

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 Breast circumferenceLengthSleeve lengthBelly circumference
S96 cm61 cm62 cm98 cm
M102 cm62 cm63 cm108 cm
L116 cm64 cm64 cm120 cm
XL122 cm64 cm66 cm126 cm
XXL134 cm66 cm66 cm136 cm
XXXL144 cm72 cm72 cm148 cm

*Sizes are measured on the garment, when in doubt we advise you to purchase a bigger size 

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