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Buy before BREXIT

This category contains items that, after either a soft or a hard Brexit, cannot be sent to the United Kingdom, or only with difficulty.

1. Some whips, cuffs, maces fall under the EU anti-torture legislation. These items cannot be exported to the UK or outside the EU.
2. Pigments, glue, varnish are very difficult to import after Brexit, since the specific HS tariff codes are difficult to declare at customs.
3. Items over 150 cms and heavy items, such as tents, shafts and bows, will be more expensive to ship in case of a hard Brexit.

Hard Brexit *
After a hard Brexit, you do not pay 21% VAT anymore. We export VAT-free. After your parcel arrives in the UK, you will pay 20% UK VAT, and (estimated) 0-3% custom fees.

Soft Brexit *
We expect that we still calculate 21% EU VAT . Parcels will be shipped with HS tariff codes, so that the customs can easily see what’s in the shipment.

Items that do not fit in these categories, can be easily shipped, both with a hard and a soft Brexit. We have 10 years of experience of making customs declarations and do so on a daily basis.

* Please note: this is an indication only, since it depends on the deal the British government is able to make.

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