House of Warfare Epona horse Decorative horn

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House of Warfare Epona horse Decorative horn

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This beautiful drinking horn is engraved with a rearing horse. In many cultures, including the Celtic, the horse is sacred. In Celtic culture, horse and rider have their own god, Epona. This god was also later worshipped by the Romans. This luxurious drinking horn is manually engraved and has a brass edge. Because horn is a natural product, every horn is unique. The horn is hand-carved, polished and has an extra coating on the inside to keep it completely waterproof. This drinking horn is delivered including metal drinking horn stand.

Material: horn, brass, metal (stand)
Content approx: 0.3- 0,4l
Length: approx. 24 cm
Including drinking horn stand

Washing instructions: Hand washing, unsuitable for dishwashers.

This item is made in a limited edition. As a result, sizes may deviate and the item has not been checked by a recognized body for suitability for preparing food.  

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