Traditional Asian objects and weapons as katana's, wakizashi's & tanto's but also Chinese and tai chi swords. By known brands as Cold steel & John Lee.

Asian weapons and clothing

 Bokken iaito Tai Chi swords Cold Steel Warrior series Cold Steel Dragonfly series Hanwei Golden Oriole series Hanwei Great wave series Hanwei bamboo series Hanwei Bushido series Hanwei practical plus series Kong Fu sword Hanwei Raptor series Hanwei shaolin series Swallow sword Hanwei Tiger series Hanwei Tonbo series Hanwei Tsuru series Hanwei Wind & thunder series Cold Steel Hanwei Asian weapons John Lee Katana Cold Steel Emperor series Cold Steel O series Shirasaya Chinese lans Yari Shagreen Tsuba Fuchi Seppa Supplements samurai swords Katana blades Samurai helmets Whetstones John Lee Golden flower series John Lee Dragon series John Lee zaza iaito series John Lee ten kei series John Lee Musashi series Samurai sets Katana stand Samurai sword stand tanto Wooden katana stand Ninja swords

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