Repair chainmail & chainmail cap

When you wear chainmail or parts, a ring or two regularly comes loose. Don't worry, this is common and can easily be repaired. In fact, you can convert entire chain mail into the model exactly the way you want it. 

We sell different types of chainmail and they are all made in the 1 in 4 construction. That means that 1 ring closes four other rings. 

Unriveted chainmail

You can easily repair riveted chainmail with locking pliers and loose chainmail rings. When the ring is in place, you can easily close it with the pliers. This way you can knit meters per day.


Riveted chainmail

Riveted chainmail rings are woven in exactly the same way as unriveted rings. The big difference is of course the rivet. After the rings have been put together and have been pushed closed with pliers, the rings must be closed individually with rivet pliers and a rivet. A big advantage of riveted chainmail is that the rings come off less quickly 

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