Security LARP weapons

It is important that your Larp weapon is safe if you want to have a good fight (fight) during a Larp (event). Larps and events have different rules regarding the safety of Larp weapons, usually these are broadly similar.

Larp swords, larp spears, larp axes and all other larp weapons

To guarantee the safety of larp weapons, there are strict rules for the state in which the weapon is. Weapons should be checked with every larp, if they no longer meet the quality standards, it is best to throw them away to avoid confusion.


  • Hard surfaces may only be felt in the handle. The rest of the weapon should be soft.
  • The handle must be attached to the rest of the larp weapon
  • The core, which is often made of fiberglass, should not protrude from the weapon anywhere. This is very dangerous because fiberglass can be razor sharp. Therefore, always check the tip to make sure that the glass fiber has not penetrated the Kevlar coating.
  • Long weapons in particular should not be limp, such as long sword blades and pole weapons. If a weapon is too weak you have no control over where you hit.
  • Stabbing is never allowed. Reason, of course, the fiberglass core. But also with weapons that do not have a hard core stabbing is never allowed. Not even with spears.
  • Weapons must be one piece. Not having connections like flails.
  • Weapons should not be too heavy. Heavy weapons still give a hard impact.

Larp archery with bow and crossbow

Of all larp weapons, larp bows and larp crossbows are the most dangerous. A larp bow with a low poundage can still seriously injure someone. That's why there are extra rules for Larp archers. Some larps require archers to pass a bow test. It is checked whether the shooter is skilled enough.

At almost every event, bows with a maximum draw weight of 30 pounds are allowed and can be used at a maximum distance of 7 meters. After shooting, each arrow should be checked for damage. Damaged arrows must be discarded.


Larp throwing knives & throwing weapons

In the larp are various objects and weapons that can be used as a throwing weapon. There are larp stones, larp hand grenades, larp throwing knives, larp throwing axes and larp throwing stars. These objects do not have a hard core and are made of soft foam in order to be used as a throwing weapon. Throwing weapons must not be smaller than the eye socket to prevent projectiles from entering the eye.

Larp shields

Larp shields may not be used as weapons. The edges should be rounded and have soft areas. Usually Larp shields, like other Larp weapons, are made with a hard core, a thick layer of foam and a latex coating.