Renaissance glass Rotterdam

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Renaissance glass Rotterdam

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This glass is a replica of an early 16th century original excavated in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Around the 16th century there was an active glass trade in The Netherlands. The result is that a lot of glasswork from this period has been excavated in The Netherlands.

This glass is completely handmade and it length is 17 cm.

Although the Italian renaissance started in about 1350 AD, it would take more than hundred years until it spread to the rest of Europe. Inspired by the first archaeological excavations, the art was strongly influenced by classical Roman and Greek cultures. The renaissance was the medieval enlightenment in all but in name. It's famous for idealising the human body and its colourful decorations, that could cover enormous spaces and can be found back on buildings, paintings but also on armour and pottery.

Product details:

Heigth: 18 cm
Width: 8 cm;
Content: 180ml
Material: green glass
Production method: blown
Based on a historic original: yes
Transport weight (gram): 2000 *

Washing-up instructions: Wash by hand, not suitable for dishwashing machines.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that sizes may vary lightly from piece to piece, and that the item is not tested by an official authority on suitability for food preparation.

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