About us

Our goals
Celtic WebMerchant is an international supplier of historical reproductions and replicas. Our goal is to make historical replicas accessible for everyone in a reliable and socially responsible way. We offer a diverse assortment which enables the costumer to choose from a large variety of products from different price ranges. Besides we strive to inspire people and to involve them in European history. By and large we offer more than four thousand years of history from many different cultures. Every culture deserves our elaborate attention and it is our passion to provide the customers with information through our product texts. Celtic WebMerchant started financing the research of foundation Celtic Britain in 2006. After a short while our webshop developed into one of the largest of her kind worldwide. Nowadays we still focus on research and science. Many of our employees are focused on and involved in art historical, archaeological or linguistic research. This makes us the platform where our knowledge and the craftsmanship of our craftsmen meet.
Celtic WebMerchant collaborates with more than twenty different craftsmen. We offer our craftsmen continuity and assurance for throughout the years we have become a reliable and economically stabile partner. As a result they can completely focus on their craft and expanding their expertise without being forced to function as a merchant, chauffeur or researcher as well.
Because of our collaboration with numerous craftsmen and producers from different countries, we can always deliver the product you require. Producers compete each other in our webshop and are therefore forced to have a good price and product ratio. Besides our large assortment enables you to buy the work of sometimes ten different craftsmen in just one order.
Most of our employees are actively involved in living history and experimental archaeology. Therefore we can always give you advise about the quality of the products you are looking for.

Celtic WebMerchant values her service and reliability, this is why we have an extensive customer service department and we can be reached through several media as well. Besides we think it is important that, for example, your purchase is guaranteed for a minimum period of one year, your product reaches you undamaged and that can you can always return your product within the set period. You can also choose to pay your orders per invoice, this means that you pay after you have received the products. We hope this will increase the trust in online business. Consumers want to receive their products as soon as possible, this requires bigger stocks while most of our products are very specific. Throughout the years we have developed a delivery strategy so we can continue meeting your requirements. Systems of payment request large amounts of money for payment costs annually, we always pay these costs ourselves. Besides the shipping costs are as low as possible because of the large number of packages we ship worldwide every month.

Why Celtic and why The Netherlands
Already from the 16th century on The Netherlands has built a worldwide reputation as a stabile and reliable trading partner. Dutchmen have collaborated with countries like France, the United Kingdom and Germany for centuries and from The Netherlands a lot of Western European countries can be reached within four hours.
With our original Scottish-Gaelic heritage we have been lucky to establish a foundation here in The Netherlands that researches the Celtic culture and history on the British Isles. Celtic WebMerchant is therefore a Dutch organisation with deep Gaelic traditions.

Culture & renewal
Just like nearly everything on the world Celtic WebMerchant has strongly renewed and developed for the last few years. We always hope to guarantee a reliable, modern business with respect for and preservation of European culture and history. Our renewal has led to international business that reaches far outside the borders of the European Union. With every shipment we hope to deliver a piece of our history and securing it for our offspring.