Celtic Britain museum

Celtic WebMerchant has contributed to various smaller and larger projects in the past. As our employees are specialised in many different historical periods and art styles, we offer a variety of options for custom work and research. Celtic WebMerchant has a database of more than 40.000 pictures of historical artefacts. Based on these pictures, our expertise and our customer’s wishes, we can offer an exact replica, or a approximation of historical findings instead.

Private customers
We ship yearly thousands of parcels to customers worldwide.

Business to business
Because of our experience in logistics, we can supply our customers quickly and professionally with all the materials they need. Whether they are film- or theatreproducers, or other large companies that cannot miss logistical and business experience. Some of our customers from the past include: Boeing USA, Yamaha Motors, Endemol productions and KBS Suwon studio (South-Korea).

Museum shops
Through the years, Celtic WebMerchant has specialised herself as a worldwide supplier of museum shops. We are able to offer them a highly varied wholesale assortment for attractive prices. As Celtic WebMerchant produces herself and often has an exclusive cooperation with her craftsmen, we can fill in the collections of the museum shops according to the museum itself. We also offer accompanying business advice.

Development of new products
Celtic WebMerchant constantly works on the development of new products, so to represent as many different artefacts from different periods. If you would like to be kept up to date with our product development, add us on facebook.


Celtic WebMerchant has cooperated with different museums throughout the years, i.a. museum Meermanno, National Museet Copehagen,  The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Museum Slag bij Heiligerlee, Dutch Army Museum, Limburgs museum, Museum Boerhaave, museum Dorestad, Liverpool Museum, The British museum and the Museum of London.

Provincial archaeological depot
For the new archaeological depot of the province of Northern-Holland, we have taken care of the equipment of the representations of a Roman legionary, a Germanic warrior from the 1st century AD and a Germanic nobleman from the 8th century AD. The mannequins wear replica clothing, jewellery and weaponry, based on local excavations. They are lifelike, so that the history of the province of Northern Holland is relived.

Open air museums and historical parks
Celtic WebMerchant also delivers regularly to open air museums  and historical parks such as Historisch Openlucht Museum Eindhoven (HOME), Ribe VikingCentre and the iron age farm in Dongen.

Celtic WebMerchant has made several deliveries to the historical themepark Archeon, i.a. gladiator equipment, footwear and medieval helmets and swords.

Other foundations and organisations
Celtic WebMerchant also cooperated with different foundations and organisations world wide.

Maltese heritage trust
For the Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (the Maltese heritage trust),we work on a project to present 16th century Malta in a life like way. In this era, Malta had a very important strategic position and was the centre of several conflicts. For this project, we equip seven pikemen and four heavy cavalerists with replica armour, clothing and weaponry, based on original pieces.
Copyright Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna

Yamaha Nederland
Yamaha motors Netherlands has received several of our Japanese helmets to serve as a corporate gift and thus reinterpret the origin of the organisation.

Living history and re-enactment groups
Celtic WebMerchant supplies many living history and re-enactmentgroups from different periods. As we participate in living history with our own equipment, we can always advise on the authenticity and quality of our products.

Historisch initiatief de Wolvenvoet
Celtic WebMerchant has developed a Merovingian spatha, commissioned by Historisch initiatief de Wolvenvoet. Spathae were used from the 3rd century onwards and were the predecessors of the early medieval swords. Our developed piece is a luxury on. The pommel and guards are made of hardened brass and the pommel is riveted on the upper guard.

Sword fighting schools
Several sword fighting schools within Europe are our customers. With years-long experience in this field, Celtic WebMerchant has a good view on the qualities of good training gear.

Theatre and film productions
Theatre and film productions often have their own requirements and most of the time a tight deadline. In negotiation with our customer we will always search for the best solution possible. Celtic WebMerchant has delivered to Studio100 (for the television series of ‘het huis Anubis’ and other productions),V&V-entertainment (for the Dutch version of ‘Spamalot’), theater de Appel (for the theatre marathon ‘Herakles’), the Dolfinarium Harderwijk (for their 2011 Christmas show) and KBS Suwon Studio (South-Korea).

Our own research
We believe that the sale of a product starts with profound research to its origin and background. That is why 50% of Celtic WebMerchant’s profits are invested in research. Our employees have published various historical and cultural articles. When you would like to have more information on this subject, please contact us.