Corporate social responsibility

Historical research

The Celtic Magazine is one of our investments.

50% of our profit is invested in historical research. Annually we support (Experimental-) archaeological projects worldwide. Beside our financial support our employees conduct research themselves as well. This research is saved in our database, published on our website or published in academic journals. As a result Celtic WebMerchant is guaranteed of the necessary knowhow in the historical area and offers her employees the opportunity to develop within the academic field.

Several examples of our research:

Informing and research on the Celts of the Irish Sea
In the summer of 2010, Celtic Britain started a research on the Celtic history and society at the Irish sea. This consisted of an examination, in which we looked at the history and cultural differences between the area of the Scottish west coast and the rest of Scotland. The research shed light on how this culture from the twelfth century A.D. flourished once more and developed into one of the most important counties of the British isles. Continue reading... (Dutch)

Informing and research Old-Irish law
At the beginning of 2011, Celtic Britain started her research on Brehon law. The law offers an ideal starting point to form a better image of Gaelic society. From the beginning it was clear that this project would take a long time because of the many continuations and aspects of this research. Continue reading... (Dutch)


Made possible by Dutch tax money.

Celtic WebMerchant is aware of the fact that education, informing people and exhibiting our historical heritage can only be realised with tax money. This is why Celtic WebMerchant attaches great importance to fairly paying her taxes. Recent years have shown us that in Europe most of the trade at historical and fantasy markets is illegal while the costumer expects to pay the complete amount of money including taxes. CelticWebMerchant dissociates herself from illegal trade because this cripples free trade within the European countries. Besides illegal trade forms a threat to craftsmen who aspire to keep to the law.


Our regular customers have undoubtedly noticed that our products are sent in the most striking variety of boxes. This has to do with our recycling policy. Celtic WebMerchant believes that recycling packing material leads to less pollution. 100% of our packing materials are made of recycled materials. This measure prevents unnecessary high packing costs as well.

Against Chid Labour

Celtic WebMerchant cooperates with producers in more than fifteen different countries. Each producer is selected by us based on his quality, historical correctness and ethics. We make sure that our suppliers are not employers of child labour.