Delivery date

Delivery date
When you place an order, you can see an indication on which day your parcel will be delivered on your address. For many items, (Super Fast Shipping) (delivery time 3-4 business days all over Europe) is available. After you have ordered you receive an automatic e-mail with a confirmation of the delivery day indication.

(NL, BE, LU,DE, AU, DK, PL) Always receive information on the delivery time frame
By e-mail you will receive an update in which time frame (of approx. 3 hours) your parcel will be delivered to your address. Is this time frame not convenient for you? You can adjust the delivery date and time frame via the GLS Flex Delivery e-mail you receive.

(NL, BE, LU,DE, AU,DK, PL)  Not at home?
Is there no one at home on your delivery day and you prefer not to have the parcel delivered to your neighbors? In advance you can choose for delivery on an alternative address or a Parcelshop.
Has the shipping company tried to delivered the parcel while you were not at home? You will receive an automatic e-mail that enables you to choose an alternative delivery day.

(Rest of the World) Not at home?
You receive a notification in your letterbox which allows you to choose another delivery day or pick-up at a Parcelshop.