FORUM is a project of CelticWebMerchant: a digital Marketplace where producers and sellers can offer their products for sale. These items are showed beside our own assortment on

CelticWebMerchant has founded FORUM in 2016. With this market place, we strive to further extend our enormous assortment and offer everything that has to do with history. In some cases, FORUM can show the same products but sold by other suppliers. We strive to offer everything that is available in Europe in our shop.

Extra benefits
The FORUM items are sold with the same conditions as the rest of our assortment. The customer has the same customer rights and protections and receives Loyalty Points for the FORUM items. And in most cases, there is free shipment above the minimum amount.

Stocks of FORUM are kept as current as possible. Sometimes it can occur that CelticWebMerchant has an item out of stock, but it can be in stock via another seller at FORUM. This is one of FORUM’s greatest benefits.

Delivery from third parties
In some cases, sellers from FORUM will ship the items directly to you instead of us sending the parcel to you. You will always receive a tracking ID and a shipment notification.

How to recognize
FORUM items can be recognized by the name FORUM in the product title. With our filters in the left menu you can choose to show only FORUM items or only CelticWebMerchant items. With every FORUM item, the product text clearly states that the item is sold via FORUM and it also gives information on possible diverging conditions.

Safety and control
All sellers on FORUM are checked by CelticWebMerchant, they are registered companies and never offer 2nd hand or diverging items. Imitations of brands are strictly prohibited. Payments are always made via our own CelticWebMerchant payment system on our website. Not via third parties.

Terms of delivery
Items of FORUM sometimes have diverging shipment conditions or shipment methods. This is noted per item in the product text and depends on the country where you live.