Craftmenship & trade

For a mail order business with an assortment of more than 9.000 articles, it is impossible not to have a professional staff. Celtic WebMerchant is more than just research or trade and cooperates closely with her craftsmen and manufacturers.
Our organisation takes care that promises are kept. To customer and craftsman, but also to authorities and our culture. Celtic WebMerchant is a profit-organisation, but has a strong cultural character. This is central to all our activities.
The market in historical reproductions is unique. Our items are made by craftsmen all over the world. They do not lay their focus on sale, but on their craft. Traders on markets often do not offer warranty and return options. Next to that, no event offers 9.000 different articles that are each selected on their quality, price and durability. Mail order thus strongly differs from trade on historical markets.

Many of our reproductions were designed by ourselves. This includes single products, but also larger projects such as museum exhibitions or fully reconstructed living history equipment. Our research department makes a comprehensive model during the designing process, which is used by our craftsman for production. The craftsman is in that way supported by researchers with a scientific background.

A good craftsman is worth his weight in gold, that is why we try to secure the largest part of our craftsman’s income via our cooperation. Some craftsmen have decided to cooperate solely with Celtic WebMerchant. A professional armourer should not have time to travel Europe to offer his products on markets. His work and specialism should lie with the making of armour.
As a trader, it is important to respect the craftsman’s wares. But just as with every occupation, not every craftsman is good in what he does. Celtic WebMerchant has a profound selection procedure to guarantee our craftsmen’s quality. Our criteria are not only based on quality and historical way of work. It is also important that craftsmen fulfil their promises of delivery time and warranties. In our eyes, this relationship is only possible by years of cooperation.
Celtic WebMerchant cooperates closely with her craftsmen. We often work together for larger projects that ask much of our skill and love challenges, through which both our researchers and craftsmen can focus on the growth and development of their skills.

Craft or factory
Factories exist from antique times. The Roman empire could never have existed without mass production. However, there is a large difference between what we as modern people see as mass production, and the production units of the Roman fabricate. Although it is often discussed and questioned, it is quite simple: in this market, almost no mass production takes place. Neither does a factory have a assembly line with helmet after helmet of the same type, on which a machine attaches a single rivet on each piece. The market is too diverse and small for that.
Specialism and handcraft are even present with products made in India and Pakistan. The customer often sees these craftsmen as less than their European counterparts, but just as in Europe, they have their specialisms, as the making of hauberks or leatherwork, although it is more often situated behind a machine than behind the physical anvil. A short study of 18th century weapons used in India tells enough.
Even in Asia we take care of our craftsmen. They work in safe environments, don’t work extreme work hours and we check our suppliers for meeting the standards. In a part of the items, such as armour, partly automatic tools are used to reduce the prices.
On our webshop there is a clear difference between the various product groups, in which price naturally place a role. Our articles made in Asia are all tested, without it, it would not be possible to give any warranties. It is not always true that the quality of Asian products is worse than European ones. Often, Asians (or Europeans that work en masse in Asia) do profound research before they risk their business on a few items. Celtic WEbMerchant knows with whom she cooperates!

Service is central to our organisation. We yearly invest a large amount in the improvement of our service. We monitor it thoroughly, which results in regular self-reflection.
The employees working in our customer service department have experience in using our articles. All of them are university schooled in one of the aspects that come with the making of reconstructions. That is why they can provide extensive answers to all your inquiries, even if you only have a vague idea of your wishes.
Of course, the customer service is supported by the backbone of our logistic management. A mail order company is always a logistics company and that is why we have a quick insight in the status of a specific order most of the times. Because of the high intensity of our logistics, we have made logistic management one of our specialisations. That is why we can offer the customer more than a quality product alone.