Art historical filter

You can use this filter both in combination with the timeline filter and without it. The filter comes particularly handy when searching for historically accurate jewels, brooches or buckles, but can also be used for some sorts of typical pottery.
The art historical filter selects the Celtic Hallstatt & La Tène art style and the insular Celtic style and the Viking art styles Vendel, Oseberg, Borre, Jellinge, Mammen, Ringerike & Urnes. As many art styles were popular during specific historical periods, this filter can also be used for choosing the right article for your re-enactment period.

As we offer some specific styles of pottery, we also offer this art historical filter also on our glassware & pottery department. With it, you can filter on the Roman terra sigillata, terra nigra and white ware and the (early) medieval Pingsdorf wares.