Leather care

Leather is a natural product and therefore it needs some maintenance. Especially shoes have to be treated frequently to keep them supple and water resistant. Besides, the treatment of leather makes sure that the leather preserves its colour and qualities.


Especially with shoes it’s important to clean the leather regularly. The best way to do this is with a leather cleaner, which can remove dirt and fat from the deep pores of the leather. The leather cleaner needs to work in the leather, after which the leather can be wiped off with a dry cloth.

Rubbing in with wax or balm

Leather takes care of itself, just like skin. This is accomplished by means of fats. With wax or balm you can cooperate with this natural process. The wax is being absorbed by the pores, it gives the leather a deep shine and restores it, as a result of which the leather keeps its good quality for a longer period of time. Wax makes sure that the leather stays water resistant. It is important to frequently repeat the process of waxing or balming.
In general it is best to maintain the leather once in six months. Too much maintenance makes the leather thinner and therefore weaker. Because wax and balm remain in the pores, it will take a while before the leather is insufficiently greasy again. However, it could be necessary to treat shoes more often, because they get dirty faster.