Maintenance and care of cold weapons

Our weapons and equipment need to be frequently taken care of. If this is done often they will preserve their good quality and strength more easily. Please note: even the most rusty equipment parts or weapons can be restored with a few tricks to a shiny acquisition that looks as good as new. 
All items that you purchase at Celtic WebMerchant will be delivered in a layer of oil. This layer is made to protect the steel during transport. The layer can be easily removed and replaced by a thinner and less notable layer of oil.

A thin type of sand paper or steel wool can be used to polish the replica and to remove rusty spots. When there are slight oxidation spots a scouring sponge or a soft cloth can also be used. Please be aware that this doesn’t count for bronzed and brass parts. They will even be scratched with the lightest type of sandpaper. 
Please note: be certain that the kind of sandpaper you use is suitable. Sandpaper that is too coarse will do much harm to replica’s. This is the best way to immediately get rid of your rust. Especially with brass objects we advise you to use a Rust killer. 
From our own experience we advise you to polish both steel and brass with fluoride toothpaste. Besides, this can also be used for jewellery and even table silver. Smear the object with toothpaste, let it dry for a minute and then rub it off again with water. The result is immediately visible and there is no danger for scratches and unevenness.

Removing burrs
Burrs and unevenness that incurred during battles can easily be removed with the aid of a whetstone and iron files. It is also important to be sure that the whetstone and files are fine enough to leave no traces. This method is centuries old but is still the best solution. All objects that are being used for fighting will sooner or later show these damages, it would be wise if you are already prepared and put together a suitable caring set. Weapons with burrs can cause nasty cuts during battles, this is why it is necessary to remove these as soon as possible. 

Of course the protection of your replica is provided by the layer of oil. The opinions on which oil is best to use differ. We recommend Ballistol because this leaves a thin layer of oil on the surface for a longer period of time. Please note: the replica doesn’t have to drip from the oil. You can smear it in a thin layer, then it won’t be visible that there is oil on the replica. 
Leather grips and scabbards can easily be taken care of. A lot of people treat these parts with a thin layer of leather wax, as a result of which it stays protected in the open air. Moreover this can also be done with wood. Besides, different kinds of leather maintenance items can be used like a leather lotion. It is important to only use this sparingly.  

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Performing the proceedings described above is completely at your own risk.