Sharpening service

Celtic Britain sells razor sharp swords. A razor sharp sword has other characteristics than a semi-sharp (sharp, 1 mm) or battle-ready (blunt, 3 mm) sword. A sword sharpened by us, is delivered razor sharp! We only offer the razor sharp option for weapons from a high steel quality, as their hardness is better and therefore are less likely to be damaged. Our weapons are sharpened by hand. Just as all authentic productions, they may show traces of hand work and light irregularities. 
Please note: razor sharp swords are more vulnerable and can be pitted more easily by great impacts. Historical swords had to be maintained regularly and were damaged throughout time.
A razor sharp sword is provided with a sharp edge. This means it is not sharpened perfectly from the fuller or the midrib, but this method is cheaper and easier to maintain. This is also the historical method, as the maintenance was easier.
Calculate a week longer delivery time for razor sharp swords. We advise you to also buy a scabbard with a razor sharp weapon for protection.

Please note: Celtic WebMerchant cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by our weapons.