Timeline filter

The timeline filter is your period guide through the complete webshop. It can be used in two ways: to see which product in a category suits the desired period, or to see whether the product of your choosing matches your period. This also means you can see which early medieval swords were used up to the high middle ages.
The filter is filters on the following periods: Celtic & prehistoric, Greek & Republican, Romans 1st-4th century, Migration period, Viking & Gaelic (9th-early 11th century), High Medieval (1000-1300), Late medieval (1300-1500), Renaissance & early modern (1500-1789); Napoleonic & 19th century (1789-end of the 19th century).
The timeline is divided in as specific periods as possible. Objects that were used over a longer period of time, are added to each relevant period. When your re-enactment period lies on the border of two filters, you can select both.
Product categories are often already divided in periods (e.g. medieval swords to 1300, Celtic, Roman & Greek helmets). In that case, you can use the filter to see, for example, which part of our Roman helmets is republican. By clicking the timeline option Viking in the same period, you can also see which of these helmets were still used in the 9th century.
Worth remembering: the periods in the timeline filter are only indicative. ‘Viking axes’ were still used on the British isles until the 16th century and in Northern-Europe, the renaissance started around 50 years later than in Italy. Most objects were re-used, so we cannot say with certainty up to when an item was used.