We have everything you need for maintenance and repair of Viking and medieval armour. Ballistol anti-rust spray, aiglets, rivets, armour stands, blackening spray.

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Everything you need for maintenance of medieval armour

Here you can buy everything you need for maintenance of knight armour and armour parts. For reenactment, LARP and just for display. With Ballistol spray you can treat all parts of a suit of armour, leather, steel and even wood. Like beeswax it is absorbed by wood and leather and leaves a thin layer. An occasional layer of spray is sufficient for armour parts. This also applies to swords and other medieval weapons.


Armour straps & rivets

All armour parts that are used regularly will sooner or later have damaged rivets and straps. These are available separately and can easily be replaced. Remove the damaged nail and / or strap. Make a hole in the strap where the nail will fit. Fasten the new strap with the rivet.