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LARP and reenactment cooking: fire plate for cooking on an open fire

In living history and reenactment, a fire is essential for your camp. During the day you use the fire for cooking and, for example, for making historical glue and other crafts. In the evening, when the visitors are gone, you can spend some quality time with your reenactment group around the fire. A fire plate is perfect for making a fire safely without damaging the surface of the event site. The fire remains inside the plate and you can place a tripod in it for cauldrons and pans.


Evening at the reenactment, living history or LARP camp: fire pit, wax torches, medieval lantern

In the evenings it is important to have a nice atmosphere and light in your camp, especially since you will have no artificial light at a festival or event. Light your camp with fire in fire pits and by placing wax torches and lanterns in the camp. A fire pit provides warmth on a cold evening. You can place medieval lanterns on tables for extra light or hang them on a lantern holder. Wax torches are great for medieval festivals, rituals and pagan parties. For example, you can give everyone a torch, or illuminate an entire path with torches.