Roman glass

Ancient Roman glass for sale. Buy handmade Roman glassware replicas. Roman wine glasses, bottles, jugs. Giftware Roman glass & items for Roman reenactment.

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Buy Roman glass: handmade and high quality

Our Roman glass is handmade by craftsmen and cheaper than in the museum shop. Some of the Roman cups and bowls are even made from recycled bottles. The peak of Roman glass production was in the second century AD (100-200). Roman glassware came in different styles depending on the region of origin and the glass was traded all over the Roman Empire.


Roman wine glass, bottles and jugs

The Roman glassware in our webshop is perfect for drinking in Roman style. The glassware is beautiful to display as home decoration. At a festive meal or an evening with friends, you are guaranteed to impress when your guests get their food and drink in a Roman cup and a Roman bowl. You can also fill a Roman jug with wine as a decorative piece. It is best to wash this glassware by hand, in the dishwasher it can be damaged! Our glass is also great for Roman reenactment and museums.


Roman amphora and balsamarium

The amphora was originally used to store precious goods such as oil and wine. Perfumes were kept in the balsamarium. You can use this glass to store liquids. They are also very beautiful as home decorations. For example, place them on the windowsill or on the table as a flower vase.