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A kettle hat or cabasset is essential for medieval reenactment. The helmet is authentic and was one of the most frequently used helmets in the medieval world. During reenactment battles a kettle hat protects against arrows that archers release on the battlefield. We sell kettle hats of different steel thicknesses. Kettle hats are depicted in many medieval illuminated manuscripts like the Morgan Picture Bible.

The history of the kettle hat and cabasset

The kettle hat is one of the oldest types of medieval helmets. The kettle hat is even depicted on the Lewis chess set which presumably dates from the late 12th century. It cannot be ruled out that even the Vikings may have already used the kettle hat. Kettle hats were worn all over Europe during the Crusades. These were also used as knight helmets. Knights preferred kettle hats during sieges because of their excellent protection against projectiles and arrows.