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Armet helmet: the best knight helmet for jousting

There is no better jousting helmet than the late 15th century armet. Armets and closed helmets, together with high-quality armour parts, formed a true revival of the medieval knighthood. The armet is one of the most famous symbols of the knighthood. They were often gilded, engraved or decorated with large feathers. CelticWebMerchant has a long experience of selling and developing armets. We have one of the world's largest databases of Medieval helmets and armour parts. We are experienced in making jousting harnesses for everyday use. Whether you are looking for a jousting armet or a decorative knight helmet, we have it all. We sell armets from brands such as Marshal Historical & Deepeeka. For jousting we also have custom made armets that are made in your own sizes. These are made of 2 mm tempered steel.