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Knight helmets, Medieval helmets and Crusader helmets for sale! For medieval reenactment & LARP. Mytholon, Deepeeka, Marshal Historical & more.

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Knight helmet for sale! For medieval costumes, medieval reenactment & LARP battles

On this page you can find our assortment of medieval knight helmets. We have helmets for reenactment, LARP & battles. LARP helmets are suitable for LARP battles and, for example, carnival costumes or medieval fair costumes. These helmets are only 1 mm thick and have a low weight, which makes them comfortable to wear. The helmets for reenactment are made of thicker and heavier steel. Our knight helmets are authentic and based on historical helmets. We sell helmets from brands like Deepeeka, Ulfberth, Windlass Steelcrafts, Marshal Historical, Epic Armoury, Royal Armories, Mytholon & more. We also sell hand-forged, custom made helmets. When you are not wearing the helmet, it is also a beautiful decoration piece for your home.

Knight helmets: sugar loaf helmet, great helmet

Knights in the High Middle Ages wore different types of helmets. The most common one is the great helmet. This is the classic knight's helmet as seen in medieval manuscripts and featured in medieval movies. In the late Middle Ages this helmet developed into a frog-shaped helmet for jousting. Almost all knight helmets worn in the High Middle Ages were variants of the great helmet. An example of a variant is the sugar loaf helmet.

Crusader helmet & Templar helmet

The great helmet was also worn by the crusaders. This type of helmet originated around the time of the first crusade. This is why Medieval sculptures, stained glass windows and manuscripts usually depict the Crusaders wearing the great helmet. The large helmet has horizontal slits for the eyes, a flat top and ventilation holes. Helmets were worn combined with an arming cap for extra comfort. This was essential in the warm regions of the Crusades, because padding could absorb the heat of the steel.