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ConQuest of Mythodea

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Conquest of Mythodea: LARP Event of the Year

Conquest of Mythodea is a LARP event that lasts 5 days and is held every year in Germany. About 10,000 LARPers participate in this every year! This is the largest LARP event worldwide. This role play involves the settlement of the fictional world Mythodea. Each year focuses on a new mission where players and non-players try to achieve victory. This is the best the LARP world has to offer! Will you also participate in ConQuest or Mythodea this year? Here you can buy everything for your ConQuest costume and accessories for your role play, such as LARP weapons and face paint. Did you know that ConQuest also has several spinoff LARP events?


Jenseits der Siegel


Jenseits der Siegel is the first spin-off LARP event of Conquest of Mythodea and lasts 6 days. Like ConQuest, Jenseits der Siegel is set in the Mythodea universe. Typical for Jenseits der Siegel is that the focus is different from ConQuest: it's about details, developing stories and characters. It is therefore known as a fun event where LARPers are completely immersed in the game. In short, an event where you can unleash your creativity and also very suitable for children.


Chronicles of Mythodea


Chronicles of Mythodea is the second spin-off of ConQuest of Mythodea and lasts 4 days. Like Jenseits der Siegel, Chronicles of Mythodea is more about the backstories of characters and the development of the individual. This is an event where you will delve deeply into the ConQuest stories and the history of Mythodea. At the same time, there is also enough time for epic LARP battles.


LARP weapons and costumes for Conquest of Mythodea, Jenseits der Siegel and Chronicles of Mythodea


On this page you can buy accessories to make your visit to 1 of the Mythodea LARP events a great success! We have high quality LARP items from Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Burgschneider and other brands.