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Everything for your Viking beard! Beard balm, beard wax and beard oil for a soft beard. Horn and bone combs. Discover the beard care line and its unique scents by DutchBeards.

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Beard oil, beard wax and beard balm for your Viking beard


Are you the proud owner of a Viking beard? You can take care of your beard with the beard products by DutchBeards! Why do we work with DutchBeards? The beard products are completely cruelty-free, everything is handmade with natural ingredients and the scents are incredibly delicious!

Beard oil, beard balm or beard wax?


Which beard care product suits your beard the best? Beard oil is the best product for everyday use. You massage it into your beard for a softer skin, softer beard and a nice scent in your beard. With beard balm you can slightly shape your beard if it is more voluminous. It makes the hairs softer and is a bit thicker than beard oil. Beard wax is for hard-to-handle beards and for styling your beard.

Combing your beard in Viking style with a beautiful beard comb


On this page you can find a Viking comb in historical style. Perfect for styling your Viking beard! A beard comb is perfect for combing beard oil in your beard. You can also comb your beard hairs with a beard comb for braiding beard beads. Our beard combs are made from natural materials such as horn, bone or wood. Some beard combs are delivered including a leather pouch with lace. You can even wear it around your neck if you want to comb your beard every now and then during the day, or hang it in the bathroom.