Historical European Martial Arts

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Historical European Martial Arts

Historical European Martial Arts, also called HEMA, is a collection of historical European fighting styles. Such as medieval sword fighting and historical fencing. For the correct practice of these martial arts, historical manuals like Talhoffer are used. For 15th to 18th century martial arts it is also recommended to use images from historical manuscripts.

Sword Fighting: Rubber Sword, Plastic Sword, Wooden Sword & Red Dragon Swords

To practise HEMA you can use steel weapons or special training swords made of various materials, such as wood, rubber and plastic. In our selection you can browse rubber swords, plastic swords and wooden swords to train your HEMA skills. Highly recommended are the synthetic swords and sword parts by Red Dragon. You can assemble your very own HEMA sword by buying individual parts. They are specially designed for HEMA training courses and are virtually unbreakable!

Axes, knives & other rubber weapons by Cold Steel

Cold Steel has also developed a special collection for HEMA, consisting of polypropylene training swords and other weapons. Polypropylene is an unbreakable material and therefore perfect for sword fighting. Cold Steel also has polypropylene axes, walking sticks, shillelaghs, bucklers and knives. All these products are exact replicas of the original weapons and are completely safe for training.