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Buy a medieval tent for LARP, reenactment, living history & medieval festivals

In our shop you can find canvas tents for multi-day LARP, reenactment and living history events and for festivals like Castlefest. The tents are based on historical images in illuminated medieval manuscripts, where these types of tents are often depicted at battle scenes. The size varies from 1 person to a whole group. Most tents are delivered including poles. These poles are divisible so you can take them apart and take them with you in the car. You can divide the larger tents in rooms, to create more privacy for a larger group. You can open the tent during the day so that people can walk in and out. Of course, these tents can also be used as a trade tent or as a catering tent.


Knight tent, wall tent, Landsknecht tent and army tent

We also have other types of tents such as the army tent, the wall tent and the Landsknecht tent. Typical for the Landsknecht tent is the canvas that is painted in different colours. Army tents and wall tents are perfect for larger groups. These tents are timeless and can therefore also be used for Roman and Celtic reenactment, Viking, medieval, Renaissance, Golden Age and pirate scenarios. Also perfect for larger LARP groups.