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Sutton Hoo sword replica for sale

Buy a beautiful Sutton Hoo sword replica in our webshop! Sutton Hoo is the site in Suffolk, England, where the burial of a supposedly 7th century Anglo-Saxon king was found. It is an unprecedentedly rich grave: the deceased was buried in a 27 meter long ship with a large amount of precious grave goods. One of these grave goods is the Sutton Hoo sword. The original sword and other grave goods can be seen in the British Museum. In our webshop you can buy Sutton Hoo replica swords, and swords from the Anglo-Saxon era. The red enamel in cloisonné is characteristic of the Sutton Hoo grave goods: our replica swords are decorated in this technique. When purchasing a Sutton Hoo or Vendel sword, you are guaranteed of a unique work of art for a friendly price. These swords are great to give as a present or hang on the wall and make an unforgettable impression on your guests.

Sutton Hoo helmet replica for sale

In our webshop you can buy the Sutton Hoo helmet replica, made by the brand Deepeeka. The discovery of this helmet has ensured that more people began to learn more about insular art and the Anglo-Saxon material culture. The helmet has become a symbol of early medieval culture. A visual theme that often appears on the helmet is the winged dragon. The helmet has several depictions of dragon heads and snakes. The red stones refer to red dragon's eyes. There are also many images of warriors and battle. Our Sutton Hoo replica helmet is a beautiful Anglo-Saxon work of art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Sutton Hoo replica jewellery, brooch and belt buckle replica for sale

Discover our collection of Sutton Hoo replica jewellery and Sutton Hoo brooches. A number of jewellery has been found among the Sutton Hoo grave goods. Discover our replica Sutton Hoo jewelry and other Anglo-Saxon and Vendel jewelry for inspiration. The Sutton Hoo jewellery is characterized by the insular art style and the red enamel in cloisonné.

Sutton Hoo, The Dig, Basil Brown, and Edith Pretty

Who would have expected a film about an archaeological dig to be so compelling? Sutton Hoo appeals to the imagination because this is one of the few finds from the Anglo-Saxon era, and has offered us a rare insight into the material culture of the Anglo-Saxon nobility. The film The Dig focuses on the excavations at Sutton Hoo. Landowner Edith Pretty hired archaeologist Basil Brown to excavate the burial mounds on her estate. Basil Brown had a lot of practical experience but no classical training. That is why he was put aside by other archaeologists when it became clear how important the find at Sutton Hoo was and the government started to interfere. The film shows the problems surrounding heritage, ownership and appropriation of remnants from the human past.