EVA foam

Make your own LARP or Cosplay sword with these professional Epic Armoury EVA foam sheets! We also have EVA foam sheets on fibreglass cores.

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Professional Epic Armoury EVA foam sheets, for LARP and Cosplay swords

The Epic Armoury EVA foam sheets are high quality and professional. Bend the EVA foam into the shape of the weapon you want to make. For LARP swords you need a fiberglass core so that they are safe in battles. For convenience, we also sell EVA foam that is already attached to a glass fiber core. You only have to cut and paint these in the shape of your sword. A glass fiber core is not required for Cosplay weapons.

Soft and hard EVA foam sheets

We sell both hard and soft EVA foam. Soft EVA foam is easy to bend and can be bent around a glass fiber core. So this is the basis of your LARP weapon. For Cosplay weapons you can just make it in the desired shape. With hard EVA foam you can make details and glue them on the soft foam. Like wings on a sword.