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Viking helmets and spangenhelm for Viking reenactment & LARP by Mytholon, Marshal Historical, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury, Windlass & more. Free shipping available

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Viking helmet for Viking reenactment & LARP

Discover our huge assortment of early medieval helmets, such as Anglo-Saxon helmets, Frankish helmets and Viking helmets. Our Viking helmets are historically accurate and based on original helmets from the Viking era. Viking helmets with horns are a modern fabrication and are not historically accurate, therefore we do not offer Viking helmets with horns in our shop. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons mainly wore nasal helmets, which are characterised by a steel protection for the nose and cheek flaps. We have beautifully decorated helmets for home decoration or thicker steel helmets for reenactment battles. Our Viking helmets are made by Marshal Historical, Deepeeka, Ulfberth, Windlass Staalcrafts, Epic Armoury and other brands.



The Spangenhelm is one of the most common helmets found in the early Middle Ages. This type of helmet was worn by Germanic tribes and by the Vikings. The Spangenhelm consists of steel parts that are riveted together by steel strips: spangen.


Anglo Saxons helmet: Sutton Hoo helmet replica and Gjermundbu helmet for sale

Two well-known helmets from the early Middle Ages are the Sutton Hoo helmet (found in the British Museum) and the Gjermundbu helmet. Both helmets are for sale as replicas in our webshop. These quality replicas are made by Deepeeka and based on the original museum helmets. The Sutton Hoo helmet is an Anglo-Saxon helmet found in the ship burial of Sutton Hoo. It is beautifully decorated with engraved figures of dragons and warriors. The Gjermundbu helmet is a Viking spectacle helmet, with a steel rim around the eyes. Several helmets in our shop are based on the Gjermundbu helmet and we also have helmets with chainmail aventails to protect the neck and shoulders.