Tarps, tent pegs & rope

Canvas tarpaulins, tent pegs, hemp ropes and tent accessories for LARP, living history, reenactment, medieval & Viking festivals. Everything you need for a medieval camp

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Canvas tarpaulins for LARP, reenactment and medieval festivals

Our canvas tarpaulins are handy and compact canvas fabrics to expand your medieval or Viking tent. The tarps are delivered without poles. You can buy the poles at a hardware store or use long wooden sticks. For example, you can also buy several tarps and sew the canvas fabrics together, to make a large tent canvas or a mega tarp. Tarps are also perfect as protection from the sun and rain at a LARP or reenactment event and medieval festival, to expand your market stall and show you crafts.

Historical tent pegs and hemp rope

Here you can find the accessories you need to set up a medieval or Viking tent and tarpaulins. We have tent pegs based on archaeological finds and modern steel tent pegs. With Ballistol Pluvonin spray you can impregnate your canvas tent against mould and moisture. It will protect the canvas fabric and make it waterproof. Hemp rope is always useful for setting up your camp and is made in the traditional way.