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Gambeson armour: medieval & Viking gambesons

The gambeson is a thick padded coat that has been worn under hauberks since the early Middle Ages, and under plate armour and chainmail in the Middle Ages. The gambeson was also the only protection worn by the infantry. In our webshop you can browse our large gambeson assortment by the best brands. Deepeeka, Ulfberth, Leonardo Carbone, Epic Armoury, Burgschneider, Mytholon, Marshal Historical and more!


Gambeson shop for padded armour

In our gambeson shop we have more than just gambesons. In our webshop you can also find acketons (15th century gambesons) and other padded protection. Like arming caps, padded collars, gambeson arms and padded leg protection. You can wear these padded gambeson accessories as an extra protection over your plate armour or you can combine them with your gambeson. Our gambeson parts are suitable for reenactment and LARP battles and for Viking & medieval costumes.