Celtic brooches & fibulae

Replica Celtic brooches, Hallstatt & La Tene brooches, Irish brooches, Celtic cloak pins, forged iron brooches & silver brooches. For reenactment and daily wear.

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Celtic brooch and Celtic cloak pins

In our webshop you can shop the most beautiful Celtic brooches based on jewellery from the Iron Age and the Middle Ages. We have Pictish brooches, Iron Age brooches, Irish brooches and much more. For centuries, brooches were worn to fasten a cloak before the button was invented. In the Iron Age and Middle Ages, the Celtic brooch symbolised wealth and prestige.


Celtic fibula

The fibula was worn throughout history to fasten clothing. The fibula is often firmer than a brooch. In our webshop you can buy beautiful Celtic fibulae for reenactment and even to wear on your jacket, scarf or cardigan in daily life. Our Celtic fibula models are based on fibulae and other jewellery from the Iron Age and the early Middle Ages. We have Hallstatt fibulae, La Tene fibulae, Gallic fibulae and Irish fibulae.