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Hoplite and Spartan armour: Greek thorax and other Greek armour by Deepeeka

The hoplite is the civilian soldier of the ancient Greek city states. The most well-known city states are Athens and Sparta. In our shop we have Greek armour by Deepeeka. This brand specialises in ancient armour and creates replicas based on museum pieces. The hoplites wore a musculata or a thorax as chest protection. The thorax is a bell-shaped chest and back protector with archaic decorations. The musculata protects the chest and back and is made after the idealised male body. A leather apron and greaves were worn under the musculata.


Roman soldier armour for sale: musculata, subarmalis, lorica segmentata

In our assortment you can find all the equipment for a Roman legionary, cavalryman or general. The musculata protects the chest and back and is shaped like a muscular torso. In battle the Romans wore simple leather or steel versions. Emperors are depicted with a highly decorated musculata as seen on classical Roman sculptures. The subarmalis is similar to a gambeson and was worn under the armour. The lorica segmentata is mostly associated with the Roman legionaries. This consists of metal strips and protected the shoulders, back, stomach, chest, and hips.


Gladiator armour for sale: galerus (gladiator shoulder armour) and manica

The galerus and the manica are typical gladiator equipment. The manica is an arm protector consisting of a fabric surface with steel or leather plates. Over this the retiarius wore a galerus: a shield-shaped shoulder protector. Both manica and galerus were only worn on 1 arm, for optimal freedom of movement. With the galerus, the retiarius could protect the head from blows from the opponent.