Fiberglass cores

Discover our professional & safe fibreglass cores by Epic Armoury. Create your own LARP weapon or sword! We also have fibreglass cores with EVA foam for extra convenience.

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Fiberglass core to make your own LARP weapon

Our fiberglass cores are made by the well-known LARP brand Epic Armoury. The cores are approved and safe for LARP battles. How do you make a LARP weapon? Sand the surface of the fiberglass so that it takes the glue better. Make the EVA foam in the desired shape and glue it to the fiberglass core. Leave enough foam around the core for strength and security. When the weapon has the desired shape, you can paint it and coat it with latex. We also have fiberglass cores with EVA foam. All you have to do is cut the foam into the desired shape and apply details with hard EVA foam.

Make your own LARP staff or spear

We have a long fiberglass core of 180 cm to make a LARP staff, spear or halberd. Unlike the shorter fiberglass cores, this one has a hollow core.