Applying fake blood 

Fake blood can be used to create many different effects. It can help make a fake wound look fresh or make your character look appropriately blood splattered. 

Depending on the effect you want there are different ways of applying fake blood to make it look realistic.

Always take care to not get any fake blood in your eyes. It’s best to avoid the area around the eyes as much as possible or to cover your eyes when you’re splattering on your face.

Bloody wounds

To make a bloody wound look realistic the base should already look like an actual wound. This can be done using a prosthetic or with things like liquid latex and modeling wax. 

Use a brittle sponge to dab some fake blood around the wound. Make sure you can still see the skin underneath to make it look realistic. 

You can also fill up the wound with fake blood and let some blood run out of the wound. To make running blood look real, apply the blood using a large eye dropper or a syringe. This will make it easier to let the blood run in a natural way.

If you want the dripping blood to look a bit thicker, you can mix in a little bit of liquid latex. By layering thinner and thicker consistencies you can make the blood look more real.  

Scab blood can be used for realistic scrapes and abrasions or to make a larger wound look slightly scabbed over. 

For scrapes, apply the scab blood with the edge of a spatula. 

For abrasions, dip a coarse sponge into the scab blood and lightly pull the sponge over your skin.

If you want to add some scab blood to a larger wound, you can use a toothpick or small brush to apply it in the wound. 

Blood splatters

There are two ways of creating blood splatters. One will result in larger splatters while the other will result in fine splatters.

To create larger splatters, dip your finger or the end of a pencil/brush in the fake blood and flick it towards the place you want the splatters to go.

You can create fine splatters by dipping a coarse brush or toothbrush in the fake blood and pulling your finger over the hairs of the brush. You could also use a blood spray for this effect.

Splatters are always difficult to aim. Cover the surrounding surfaces with plastic to prevent staining them with blood. Or make sure you’re standing somewhere where you can’t stain other surfaces on accident.


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