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The shop for ancient Roman and Antiquity jewellery. Buy a Roman fibula, ring or necklace as a gift or for Roman reenactment. Find the perfect accessories for your Roman costume!

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Ancient Roman jewellery replicas

Our Roman and Antiquity jewellery is handmade. Every piece is a replica of original ancient Roman jewellery. Here you can shop for Roman earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and hair pins. We also have some Egyptian and Greek jewellery.


Roman ring, Roman bracelet, Roman necklace & lunula pendant

We have several Roman rings, bracelets and necklaces based on archaeological finds. Especially in modern times, these Roman jewels are intriguing to wear and have beautiful designs. A popular type of jewellery in Roman times was the lunula pendant. This pendant for a necklace was shaped like a half moon. This was the symbol of the Roman goddess Luna.


Roman fibula for Roman reenactment: crossbow fibula, Roman trumpet brooch

As a Roman reenactor, a Roman fibula is essential for your Roman costume. The fibula is a pin used to fasten clothing and is actually the predecessor of the button. The Romans used the fibula to fasten their toga or stole and the Greeks used it for their peplos. The fibula was often extra strikingly decorated because Roman clothing was quite simple. Within the Roman fibulae there are different types. The most famous are the trumpet fibula and the crossbow fibula. We sell replicas of both types.