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Everything you need for historical embroidery & sewing, card weaving, needle binding. Needles, scissors, linen and silk thread, needle boxes. Living history & reenactment sewing

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Bone sewing needles for historical needle binding

In our shop we have several needles for needle binding. These are based on archaeological finds and made from natural materials such as horn, bone and wood. Strong & durable needles for all your needle binding projects.


Card weaving: buy weaving cards

For card weaving we have weaving cards based on originals from the Viking age and the Middle Ages. They are made from natural materials such as horn, bone and wood. Weaving cards have been used since the Stone Age! This is a timeless historical craft and modern card weaving is a fascinating hobby.


Linen thread, silk thread, scissors, bone needles and horn needles, needle cases for medieval sewing, living history & reenactment

We have everything you need for medieval sewing and embroidery and for needlework in living history & reenactment. Our items are based on authentic sewing supplies from the Viking era and the Middle Ages. We have bone needles, wooden and brass needles, Viking needle cases, medieval scissors, 100% pure silk and linen sewing thread, thimbles and weaving tablets. With our sewing supplies you can make and decorate a beautiful historical garment and give demonstrations at reenactment events and in museums.