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Chain mail armour for sale, medieval, Roman & Viking chainmail

Chainmail has been worn since Celtic times. In Antiquity, early Middle Ages and the Middle Ages, chainmail was worn as a protective vest consisting of small metal rings. These rings protected against cuts from swords and knives, because the blade could not get between the rings. Chainmail offered less protection against axes and other melee weapons & arrows, which were often able to destroy the rings. This is why people wore a gambeson under their chainmail.


Chainmail hauberks for the best price

At Celtic WebMerchant you will find chainmail in all price ranges for every wallet. We have hauberks with non-riveted rings, also known as "butted rings". These are the cheapest type of chainmail rings. When making a completely historical reconstruction you will need riveted rings or wedge rings, these types of rings are more expensive. The inner diameter of the rings also plays a role in the price. Hauberks with small inner diameter rings are priced higher than the 8 mm rings.

Hauberk, Haubergeon and Halsberg

Hauberk, haubergeon and halsberg are the types of chainmail armour that covered the front and back of the body. The halsberg is a variant of a hauberk that was mainly worn by knights. A hauberk was longer and reached over the hips. Haubergeon often refers to a shorter hauberk with short sleeves. Browse our assortment to shop hauberks in all shapes and sizes.