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Medieval neck armour for reenactment, LARP & Cosplay. Knight bevors, medieval gorgets by Mytholon, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury, Ulfberth.

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Which medieval gorget or bevor should I buy for my sallet helmet?

Medieval bevors and gorgets are often worn in combination with a sallet helmet. Bevors with a flat raised edge fit under all types of sallets. Bevors with a pointed upright brim are more difficult to combine and are often made for wearing in combination with a kettle hat or open sallet. Gorgets can be worn with an armet helmet and other armour parts. The medieval gorget protected the opening between the helmet and shoulders that occurred in knight armour in the 2nd half of the 15th century. Luxury custom made gorgets can even be made to match your armet. But cheaper gorgets are often sufficient. Of course, you can always return the bevor or gorget if the combination does not fit. You can also bring your helmet to our showroom and fit your combination there.


The long history of the medieval gorget

The gorget was developed in the 2nd half of the 15th century as an alternative to the bevor. This was mainly due to the development of large helmets such as the armet. The gorget was associated with officers. Until the 20th century, the gorget was still worn in a smaller version by officers from several armies.


How do I combine the bevor and gorget with other armour parts?

Some gorgets have leather straps for fastening your gorget or bevor to pauldrons and full arms. Especially the custom made full suits of armour have perfectly fitting gorgets that connect seamlessly with cuirasses and pauldrons. In that case you can often wear your gorget under your cuirass. Bevors and gorgets can normally be fastened to your hauberk, brigandine or gambeson with leather straps or leather laces. You can also sew leather laces to your gambeson for fastening separate armour parts.