Medieval glass

Artisanal medieval and Renaissance glass for home deco, banquets, dinner parties, medieval reenactment. Medieval goblets, wine glasses, jugs, bowls & more

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Medieval glass

With our medieval wine glasses, drinking a glass of wine becomes a special occasion. Medieval wine glasses are a great decorative and functional element on the table during dinner with friends. You won’t be able to find glassware like this in a normal store! These types of glassware are also great for medieval reenactment. Medieval glasses often have ridges to prevent the glass from slipping out of hands during a banquet. These medieval glasses are handmade and based on historical originals found in medieval cities such as Rotterdam.


Glassware for medieval reenactment and banquet

A medieval banquet or reenactment includes a jug for pouring wine or water and glasses for beer and wine. When you’re not using the glass, you can use it for home decoration.


Renaissance glass in Frans Hals and Rembrandt paintings

Did you know that our glass was on TV in the Project Rembrandt show, and in several movies? We have various replica glasses based on paintings from the Golden Age. Still lives with banquet scenes were very popular in Dutch painting. These kinds of paintings were made by Frans Hals and Rembrandt. With this glass you bring a piece of Renaissance history into your home!