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Discover our huge collection of LARP armour. Best brands & low prices. Mytholon armour, Epic Armoury, Freyhand. LARP knight armour, fantasy armour.

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Fantasy armour & LARP armour by Mytholon & Epic Armoury

We have the largest LARP assortment in Europe and high quality brands like Epic Armoury and Mytholon. We have all the items of both brands, always for the best price with free shipping available. Discover our medieval knight armour, Viking LARP armour, orc armour, armour for Conquest, elven armour and more.


Plastic and latex LARP armour

LARP armour doesn’t have to be made of steel. Epic Armoury now has a new collection of plastic and latex armour parts that look lifelike. These are lighter and can therefore easily be worn comfortably for a day. Also perfect for theatre and historical costumes.