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Your shop for medieval footwear! We have medieval shoes and boots for medieval costumes, LARP and reenactment. Poulaines, ankle boots, pointy shoes, pattens

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Medieval shoes, boots, poulaines, ankle boots and pattens

Our expert collection of medieval shoes is exclusively handmade. Our medieval shoes are based on archaeological finds such as those from Dordrecht. Our medieval shoes have a hard leather sole. Shoe nails can be used to get a better grip on muddy terrain. We have all the medieval shoe and boot types that you need for your medieval costume. Pointy shoes or poulaines, ankle boots, wooden pattens.


Maintenance of medieval shoes

These shoes should be cleaned after use. To prevent dry leather, we recommend rubbing the shoes with beeswax or Ballistol oil. This keeps the leather supple and prevents dry leather.