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Viking clothing for LARP, reenactment & Vikings Cosplay! Historical Viking clothing by Burgschneider, Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Leonardo Carbone. Free shipping available

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Viking clothing by Burgschneider, Epic Armoury & other brands

Here you can shop for your new Viking outfit! We have Viking clothing for women, men and children. We are official dealers for the best UK brands of Viking clothing, such as Burgschneider, Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Leonardo Carbone and more. Our Viking clothing is based on authentic clothing worn in the Viking era. You can also browse other early medieval clothing here, such as Germanic and Saxon clothing.


Viking clothing for Viking LARP, Viking reenactment, Vikings Cosplay and festivals

We have authentic historical Viking clothing and Viking clothing with fantasy elements for LARP. Our Viking clothing is perfect for reenactment and for Viking LARP. For Vikings, Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones and other Cosplays we have the perfect Viking garments like tunics, trousers, cloaks, dresses and more. Viking clothing is also great to wear to medieval fairs and festivals.


Your new Viking costume

We have everything you need for a Viking costume for LARP, reenactment, Cosplay and festivals. In the menu you can choose the type of garment. This way you can put together an entirely unique Viking outfit or costume from garments like skirts, dresses, blouses, tunics, headgear, cloaks, pants and more. In our webshop you can also find accessories for your Viking costume, such as belts and bags.